Microsoft: Surface configurator

UX Designer  |   2014

Microsoft Surface is a series of touchscreen computers. With the third generation came the request to create a configurator, giving the user the ability to build a device to their liking.


Create an easy to use, fully responsive, product configurator that aligns with the Microsoft store brand and compliant with buyers needs.

Role & Process

I worked closely with multiple designers, developers and sales team.
Materials created: wireframes, prototypes, product display page (PDP), category pages and support images

Competitive Research

I investigated products with similar features to identify whats working and what’s not.


Brainstormed with other designers and presented ideas to creative director, design team and stakeholders.


Worked with other designer to build multiple interactive prototypes. Making sure configurator was intuitive and easy to use.


Worked hand in hand with dev to build and launch configurator. Provided assets to strengthen product page.


A big challenge that affected the overall design was the need to keep the preconfigured devices up front. Selling these was the top priority.


Mapping the flows to better understand the experience and different entry points to the configurator.


There could be anywhere from 6-12 preconfigured options in a buy box. Keeping the area uncluttered and the focus on the quick ship options was our main goal.


The Configure to order was launched in 8 weeks. Once the preconfigured items were sold we would be able to revisit the design.