PicMonkey Mobile: Collections

UX/UI Designer  |   2017

PicMonkey, an online creative tool, has a feature called “Collections”. Collections gives users the ability to save and organize their projects.


At the time Collections was only available on .com. Our goals were to create a similar experience across .com and mobile, make sharing across social channels easier, and hopefully incentivize users to upgrade by adding more value to their subscription.

Role & Process

In collaboration with the lead UX, we divided up the tasks and worked together to tackle the end-to-end design process.

Competitive Research

I investigated products with similar features for inspiration and to identify any pain points.


The lead designer and I met daily. Larger sessions with full team were held weekly.


I helped create flows to illustrate the mobile experience for developers and project leads.

User testing

We conducted multiple sessions of user testing, from internal to PicMonkey users. I collected and documented notes and assisted with script, setup, and interpreting results.

Evaluate & Iterate

After sorting all feedback we sat down and discussed possible solutions. We then triaged concepts with the team.

Additional features

After launching v1 we continued improving upon the technology and making updates.


Mapping out workflows helped us weed out any awkward UX or edge-cases and better illustrate the user journey for the team.

User feedback

To validate our design decisions we conducted 12 usability studies. We set up interviews with 6 of our users (mobile and .com) and 6 from our internal team.

We gathered all the information and synthesized several root problems and potential solutions.

"This would let me know if I'm taking too many photos."

Number of images was viewed as a max or limited storage indicator by 5 of our 6 users. We found a date indicating when a collection was last updated would be more useful.

"I was expecting a list view. This could get super long."

Users enjoyed the large image for its aesthetic but 4 of our 6 users liked the idea of a condensed option as an alternate view.


On mobile we found users weren’t discovering the new feature. Stakeholders decided to make mobile free with PicMonkey subscription.