M Y   R O L E 
Lead Product Designer

Site audit
Competitive analysis
Tagged transcripts (Dovetail)
User study reports

B A C K G R O U N D 
Getty Images is the industry leader in stock photography with many sub brands and products, including iStock, their mid-tier stock provider.
At the time I joined, iStock's Purchase  advancement track, the team was in the middle of a user study with the intension of focusing their efforts on the purchase funnel from the asset detail page. iStock had been experiencing. Due to prioritization shifts from leadership the Purchase team's projects were put on hold shortly after our study wrapped. 
I didn't want to let the study fall through the cracks so I continued to push forward. I brought the study into Dovetail, a new program to the company at the time, and began tagging all the transcripts. 
C H A L L E N G E 
iStock was experiencing a steady decline in conversion rates with new and returning customers.
2017 and 2018 totals gathered from US and CA
R E S E A R C H 
During a study conducted in 2019 we discovered iStock users: 
• Get confused by iStock's plans - Think top competitors are cheaper (even when they aren't)
• Don’t understand credits and become frustrated 
• Don’t understand Essentials and Signature
• Don’t understand how licensing works
Having a solid understanding of the problem space is key before jumping into design. We gathered and created resources that helped inform our explorations. 
• Competitive analysis
• Opportunity mapping
• Site audit
• Previous research audit
• Establishing guardrails and constraints
C O M P E T I T I V E   A N A L Y S I S​​​​​​​
O P P O R T U N I T Y   M A P P I N G

E X P L O R A T I O N 
In the early stages of exploration we: 
• Worked closely with our developers to ensure we weren't moving forward with anything that wasn't feasible.
• Continued to share early and often with all members of extended team to keep everyone in the loop. 

V A L I D A T E 
Unmoderated study
🎯 Goal

Narrow down explorations and get a quick idea of how the redesign performs against control.

✂️ Scope
• 3 variations
• 1 control
• 5 minutes per test (or less)

Control: 7 minutes
  |  48% accuracy

Redesign: 3 minutes  |  
70% accuracy
V A L I D A T E 
Moderated study

🎯 Goal

Gain a better understanding of the user experience and discover areas still causing confusion.

👩‍💻 Target audience
Stock users / decision makers)

✂️ Scope
Multiple variations - small iterations made along the way
• 1 control
• 45 minutes per session
• 20 participants

Once we completed our studies we worked closely with our developers and analytics team to begin onsite testing.
Outcome and reflection
Across all scaled markets, the new PNP achieved +16% in revenue YoY, 17% in AOV and boosted annual subscriptions 131% (Returning and FTV customers). 
In some markets we saw even higher jumps, like Japan at +30% revenue and 28.6% AOV.

• The pricing structure continues to be a huge pain point for our users (credits and collections/price tiers), but because this is part of iStock's business model, changes here are 1-way door decisions and remain off limits for now.
• The huge leap in sales also increased cancelations, this led our customer service reps to have a lot of concerns - in hindsight we should have informed all teams of what to expect with shifts like this.
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